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saw folks in the tags looking for a shopped version of this, decided to take it upon myself since I’m on my actual computer and not doing anything

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THIS is how veterans are shown as leaders.

Congrats to veteran and USA‬ Paralympian Josh Sweeney on being awarded with the ‪‎Pat Tillman‬ Award for Service at the ‪‎ESPYs‬ last night for his selfless service and continued leadership.

Where are the notes?

hockey meme: 2/5 youngsters [haydn fleury, red deer rebels]

eighteen year old jonny looks exactly the same (◡‿◡✿)

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hockeywashergame asked: los angeles kings or new york rangers?

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Gym time for Kevan Miller, as he spends the night working on his flexibility, spine & core strength. #BearTracks #NHLBruins

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